Strong Typing in SGML and XML

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Wed May 7 16:27:02 BST 1997

In message <199705071326.JAA12115 at nathaniel.ebt> gtn at (Gavin Nicol) writes:
> >Tim Bray (ERB) has been looking for a RE tools for XML.  The point is (I
> >think, Tim) that they're not trivial to write and that it's critical that
> >everyone uses the same one.  So we don't want to build into XML a RE that
> >isn't easily available.  If someone says, 'here's one in 
> >Java/C/Scheme/what/ever' that has no copyright restrictions, I think we'd
> >make progress.
> RE processors are easy to implement, and there are a great number of
> them available for free. There are a number of specifications that
> could be used: I would recommend something like the POSIX ones,
> suitably extended.

Good.  Where is a volunteer to crack up a Java one?

> I really do prefer the notation method though. It's much cleaner, and
> only a little more complex to implement.

I'm not arguing against the notation method, though to my limited eyes it
seems to need a revised draft?  The suggestion of regular expressions was
simply that *if* we got one for TEI pointers (as has been urged) we can
use the same one for this.  But if notations are harder that RE's then you
will probably have to look to someone else to implement it.

BTW - I am surprised that after nearly 3 months of this list there aren't
more people coming up with tools.  A lot of the stuff must already exist...


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