Strong Typing in SGML and XML

Tim Bray tbray at
Thu May 8 04:11:34 BST 1997

At 11:20 AM 5/7/97 GMT, Peter Murray-Rust wrote:
>Tim Bray (ERB) has been looking for a RE tools for XML.  The point is (I
>think, Tim) that they're not trivial to write and that it's critical that
>everyone uses the same one.  So we don't want to build into XML a RE that
>isn't easily available.  If someone says, 'here's one in 
>Java/C/Scheme/what/ever' that has no copyright restrictions, I think we'd
>make progress.

Not quite... actually, there are several excellent free RE tools
around.  But I don't know of any good RE tools, free or commercial,
that support Unicode.  16-bit as opposed to 8-bit characters do 
change the scope of the problem.  It's not just regexp, we have
some tricky work to do if we want to do *anything* inside an
element, e.g. token or even character counting, in the 
internationalized environment. - Tim

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