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In message <dc9jLEA+jsczEw38 at> Richard Light writes:
> I've been thinking about the issue of what comes at the head of an XML
> document.  This may be stating the obvious, but ...
> While it would be generally agreed that you can't gratuitously stick any
> old <!DOCTYPE header onto a piece of well-formed XML, I think there is a
> case for architecting XML so that you _can_ hold the naked XML without
> _any_ header information, and prepend both DOCTYPE and style processing
> instructions at delivery time.
> One reason is that you might want to author a document in chunks, and
> either publish/work with the chunks in their own right, or put those
> chunks together via a 'master document' containing lots of entity
> references to pull the chunks in.  For the first purpose, the free-
> standing chunks will require a DOCTYPE header, not least so you can
> create them in a structured XML-aware editor.  For the second purpose,
> they need to be 'naked', since you can't pull in an entity with a
> DOCTYPE at the beginning, and we don't have the SMGL SUBDOC facility in
> XML.

This is a problem I have come up against, and still concerns me.  I would like
to encourage authors to create documents in small reusable chunks, the 
question being whether we use a construction like:

<!ENTITY chunk1 SYSTEM "chunk1.cml">
... etc...

with the chunks (say) being:

or whether we use something like

<!ENTITY mini1 SYSTEM "mini1.cml">

with mini1.cml being:


Now, I wrote this latter on the fly, and it looks horribly clunky and it's
much more difficult to implement.  And is it *legal*? and will it do
what I want?  The advantage is that the mini version can be used in its
own right and we know what language it's in.  Chunks like:


do not carry their DTD and also unwanted whitespace could easily creep in.
Constructions like:


might solve some, but not all of the whitespace problem.

Since this must be a Well Investigated Problem, insight would be useful.


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