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Jon Bosak bosak at atlantic-83.Eng.Sun.COM
Fri May 9 20:02:36 BST 1997

| Another reason is that you might have slightly variant DTDs for the
| same conceptual document type, and a production process whereby the
| documents start of conforming to say an author-friendly DTD, and then
| progress to conform to a stricter 'delivery' DTD.  Again, this can
| only happen if you can switch in a DTD at document load time.

Sure, there could be lots of good reasons to use variant doctypes.  My
only point was that switching output formats isn't one of them.

| However, the reason I started along this line of thought was based
| around the much more comfortable area of output formats, i.e. style
| sheets.  We certainly need an easy way to prepend instructions to bind
| a style sheet to a document at delivery time, so that its style is not
| bound into the DTD declaration.  A processing instruction 'up front'
| would be the obvious way to do this:
| <?XML version="1.0"?>
| <?XML-STYLE ...>

This method, proposed by James Clark in this list about a month ago,
is very close to what the ERB seems to be converging on as the way to
do simple stylesheet linking.


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