Good XML-Relevant SGML Books for Beginners?

Jim Gindling jimg at
Wed May 21 18:27:12 BST 1997

Hi all,

I have been reading like crazy on the web, and have a fair understanding of
the basic XML concepts.  However, I am still puzzled as to exactly how I
can accomplish desirable tasks such as:

+ Converting XML documents to HTML (preferably HTML that uses CSS, and
  preferably using something other than DSSSL, which seems overly complex).
+ Referencing dynamic data within XML documents, that is presumably stored
  in a database, such as student name, quiz scores, et cetera.

I don't expect anybody to answer these questions directly since I
understand that is not the focus of this list; however, I would really
appreciate some guidance in picking one or two good books that will answer
my questions.

Using, I have found the following books that seem relevant.  If
somebody could give me their thoughts on these, or others, I would be very

Abcd...Sgml : A User's Guide to Structured Information
Liora Alschuler

Industrial-Strength Sgml: An Introduction to Enterprise Publishing
(Charles F. Goldfarb Series on Open Information Management)
Truly Donovan

The Sgml Implementation Guide: A Blueprint for Sgml Migration
Brian E. Travis, Dale C. Waldt

Sgml on the Web: Small Steps Beyond H.T.M.L.
(Charles F. Goldfarb Series on Open Information Management)
Yuri Rubinsky, Murray Maloney


Thanks in advance.

Jim Gindling
<jimg at>
Software Engineer

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