Commercial job postings?

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Wed May 28 08:15:48 BST 1997

In message < at> Tim Bray writes:
> Meta-question:
> Anyhow, would people consider it an abuse of this mailing list if 
> the odd job posting started showing up?  I personally think it would
> be good, simply as a service to the industry we're trying to create,
> and as a useful barometer of what's going on out there. - Tim

Personally I wouldn't have a problem, but it's Henry who does the hard
work behind the scenes.  Job listings would certainly give the impression
would certainly  give the impression XML is going places.  [Just give me
a private copy as well :-)].

While I'm posting, this is probably a trivial XML/SGML question, but I am
worried about EMPTY content in WF documents.  As far as I can see, in
validated SGML

<!Doctype A [


<!element a - - ANY>

both return the same result, and that seems to be the same with NXP 
both validating and non-validating (the first example uses <A/> of course).
Is there any way that the content could be returned as a null string ("")?

Can attributes have null values?  is

B=""    the same as omitting B when #IMPLIED?


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