Parameter Entity Reference Considered Harmful

Trevor Jenkins tfj at
Thu Sep 4 17:54:06 BST 1997

> In making one more pass through the official grammar for XML, before 
> I despatch my alternative version to the 5 people who've requested 
> copies, I spotted a real dumb error in the doctype declaration.

Since posting this I did something even more useful. :-) I went back 
to ISO 8879 in which, of course, the use of paremeter entity 
references is allowed in both the "internal" and "external" subsets.

As a programmer I reckon that the different handling of parameter 
entities between the internal and external subsets makes things MORE 
complicated rather than simpler.

I knew there was something wrong with the avowed claim that XML was a
subset of SGML. If they're to be allowed (and they are allowed in
some odd places in XML) then let them occur wherever SGML lets them

Regards, Trevor.


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   Tim Allen, Home Improvement

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