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In message <199709130538.WAA07282 at> Jon.Bosak at eng.Sun.COM (Jon Bosak) writes:
> While it is not our usual policy to post decisions of the XML Working
> Group to xml-dev, the last three WG meetings have seen a number of
> issues decided that bear directly on current experimental XML
> implementations.  Following are reports prepared by C. M.
> Sperberg-McQueen and Tim Bray detailing recent decisions that will be
> incorporated into the next working draft.

I would like to thank the XML-WG for posting the results of these decisions
and for providing so much of the detail.  [Note that the records are in 
chronological order, so that the final decision on case-folding comes towards
the end :-)]. I am sure that all xml-dev readers are aware that XML is still
at draft stage so that decisions which alter the current draft spec are
still possible.

As  someone privileged to be part of the XML-SIG discussion group I can confirm
that the discussion on these issues has been extremely constructive. The 
decision-making on the XML project is an impressive achievement in itself.
Whilst there is, and will not be, formal transmission from XML-DEV to XML-WG
it is carefully scanned by members of the WG and issues discussed here
constructively are taken note of.

Readers will note John Tigue's very generous offer to develop an Api for the
Grove Plan, and that this may accompany the spec in the future. I hope that
members of XML-DEV will help in this endeavour where appropriate.


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