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Peter Murray-Rust Peter at
Sun Sep 14 13:43:08 BST 1997

Thanks very much Rick,
In message <199709141028.UAA14599 at> "Rick Jelliffe" writes:
> The standard way to stick a MIME type into a system identifier is
> given as part of HyTime '97. First we have a notation declaration
> (which is really only for documentation, so you don't need it
> if you don't want it).
>  MIME Content Type//EN"><!-- Refer RFC 1700 -->

Being picky, this is not valid XML since prod [74] requires a SystemLiteral
as well as the PubidLiteral.
> This notation declaration allows us to use "mimetype" in
> Formal System Identifiers, which are system identifiers with
> little pseudo-start tags giving the notation used in the rest
> of the string. So we can then declare the notation "gif"
> to be the mime type "image/gif" by
> <!NOTATION gif SYSTEM "<mimetype>Content-Type=image/gif">

This is fine for my purposes, but I'm not clear how it fits with the XML spec.
4.3.2 says:
'The SystemLiteral that follows the keyword SYSTEM [...] is a URL, ...'
It says nothing about SystemLiterals which follow the PubidLiteral (your 
example is clearly not a URL). So my reading of the XML spec is that your
code above is invalid XML :-). If so, it would be useful if the WG had some way
that it was allowed.


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