New AgentSoft XML demo

Tikva Schmidt tikvas at
Mon Sep 15 12:13:12 BST 1997

New AgentSoft XML demo is now available on the Web 

    In a nutshell, the demo reads an XML file along with its associated
DTD file and uses the information in the DTD file to guide the
user in specifying a semantically meaningful query.  The XML file
is then searched for elements matching the query.  While the system
will work on any valid XML and DTD files, Java applet security limits it
to files on our own server, which now consist of CDF files and an act
from a Shakespeare play. We would be happy to add any valid XML samples
to the demo.

    The demo has been developed as part of AgentSoft's initiative to
integrate XML support into our LiveAgent Pro system.  LiveAgent Pro
allows users to record agents that automate Web access and 
interaction.  For more information on LiveAgent Pro see our main Web
page at

Feel free to send any comments you have on our demo
to xml at

     Tikva Schmidt.
Tikva Schmidt.
email: tikvas at
corp:  Agentsoft Ltd.
Phone: 972-2-6480573

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