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Mon Sep 15 20:04:55 BST 1997

Hi Andy (& XML-DEVers),

At 10:29 AM 97/09/15 -0700, you [Andy Cogan] wrote:
>Hi Russell,
>Russell Chamberlain wrote:
>> I'm _extremely_ happy that someone (Microsoft) has put forward an
>> XML-formatting proposal (XSL - Extensible Style Language) to the W3C that:
>>     1) Is represented in XML
>First, I agree with your points in your original mail message. Well
>said! I've only recently started following the development of XML, and
>DSSSL-O looked pretty intimidating. I like the direction of XSL.
>How did you find out about the XSL initiative? It seems like a major new
>development, and I hate the feeling of being blindsided by being
>ignorant of such important efforts.

It came from the "XML/EDI Group Mailing List". 
The subject line was "More good news for XML/EDI !!!".
I must confess that it was forwarded to me by a co-worker (thanks, Rich!)
who subscribes to the list. I wouldn't have heard of it, otherwise.
That's why I posted to XML-DEV, since I thought is was important, yet
nobody had mentioned it.

>Finally, I've gotten the impression that XML formatting can happen via
>CSS, or XSL, or DSSSL-O. Can that be that right? It seems odd to offer
>three distinct formatting languages. Or am I just completely confused (a
>likely alternative!)?

I certainly have heard all three mentioned in an XML context.
Would anyone care to clarify this? I know that there may not be an
answer yet, as the XML style issues are still in draft form. Last I
heard, the deadline was around December of this year.

I'm not involved with the XML-format (XML-style?) discussions, so I don't
know the answer. I am willing to _guess_ that one reason for including all
three might be because various organizations have investments in one, but not
the other(s), so restricting to one just might upset a few people
(big understatement). 

Also, I can see a definite trend in ease-of-use and power that goes
CSS-->XSL-->DSSSL. Which one you want may depend on where your needs
lie on the spectrum.

There's also an existing application that has already been targeted
for XML: the WWW. This already has CSS defined.

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Your guess speaker,

 - Russ

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