Microsoft's XSL Proposal

James Clark jjc at
Tue Sep 16 07:37:40 BST 1997

Russell Chamberlain wrote:
>     7) Has a clearly-defined conflict-resolution mechanism
>        Some formatting environments specify that the "first"
>        applicable style in the stylesheet is always the one to
>        be applied. A stylesheet's behaviour should not change
>        based on the location of a style in the stylesheet's
>        source file. XSL will let authors organize their styles
>        in any way they see fit, with no effect on behaviour.
>        Some environments also allow _multiple_ styles to be
>        applied. Which ones, and in what order? Yuck!
>        XSL explicitly states that at most a single pattern
>        will be chosen. Good idea.

Only one construction rule can apply, but multiple style rules can
apply.  However, XSL does have a (hopefully) well defined conflic
resolution mechanism for dealing with this, and it doesn't depend on the
order of the rules in the stylesheet.


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