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David Rosenborg David.Rosenborg at
Tue Sep 16 15:19:04 BST 1997

Tim Bray wrote:

>  So XML is now case-sensitive.

Sounds good, but what is the general opinion about case-sensitivity
in XML applications? My own feeling is that it might be appropriate
too have case insensitivity when you for example do a structural
search in an XML browser or editor. It could also be useful when
specifying patterns in XSL and alike. These things may of course fail if
the document designer has chosen to distinguish elements only by
case but I think that's unlikly to happen. I also have the
feeling that the problem of case insensitive string comparison
is not as dificult as the one of case folding. Case folding
is a one to one mapping that might not be the same for different
languages but when comparing strings you can treat groups of character,
differentiated only in case and diacritics, to be the same. For
example the characters i, ì, í, î, I, Ì etc could be treated as being
equal in this situation. Is this a correct assumtion or am I missing



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