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On Friday, April 03, 1998 5:44 PM, David Megginson 
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> Here's a Java question.  Let's say that I have a class with a method
>   public void parse (String publicId, String systemId, Reader reader)
>     throws java.lang.Exception;
> What will happen if the "" class is not available on my
> system (perhaps because I'm using a 1.0.2 browser), but I never invoke
> this method (I'm assuming that I compiled my code under JDK 1.1 or JDK
> 1.2)?

The JavaVM will throw a ClassNotFoundException because it will try to 
preload the class in case you do use the method.

> I'm becoming convinced that we need to support character streams in
> SAX, and I'm trying to figure out how to handle it in the Java
> version -- I think that I've worked out pretty much everything else
> now, except for a few minor details.

I'm dealing with a similar problem on an applet at work where I need to be 
able to support the Java Media Framework for sound if available.  My 
solution is to abstract everything that references the possibly missing 
classes into a second class, then in build an initialization routine like 
the following:

Class parserClass;  // used if creating several Parser objects
Parser parser = null;  // Parser is an abstract class or interface
                       // Used if only need one parser

void init() {
  try {
    Class.forName( "" ); // checks if supported
    parserClass = Class.forName( "MyParserFor11" );
  } catch( ClassNotFoundException err ) {
    parserClass = Class.forName( "MyParserFor10" );
  try {
    parser = (Parser) parserClass.newInstance();
  } catch( InstantiationException err ) { // Constructor requires argument
  } catch( IllegalAccessException err ) { // Constructor isn't public

NOTE: Apparently my understandings reflected Don Park's >>original<< 
message which is apparently wrong.  But even so, the above will still work.

Andrew n marshall
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