MSXML : Create a document with a doctype declaration ?

Ron Bourret rbourret at
Tue Apr 28 16:16:02 BST 1998

> How to create a new XML document with a doctype declaration with msxml ?
> Something like :
> <!DOCTYPE foo SYSTEM "http://foo.domain.xx">
> <foo>
> ...
> </foo>

Try the following, which creates a new Document object, adds elements, and saves it.  
You might need to change the document encoding for it to work on your machine.  The 
output file is:

<?xml version="1.0">
<!DOCTYPE foo SYSTEM "http://foo.domain.xx">



public class CreateFooBar
   static public void main(String argv[])
         Document d = createMSXMLDoc();
      catch (Exception e)
   static public Document createMSXMLDoc()
      Document d = new Document();
      Element  xmlPINode, dtdNode, root, child, pcdata;

      // Create the XML PI node.
      xmlPINode = d.createElement(Element.PI, "xml");
      d.addChild(xmlPINode, null);
      // Create the DOCTYPE node.
      dtdNode = d.createElement(Element.DTD);
      d.addChild(dtdNode, xmlPINode);
      dtdNode.setAttribute(Name.create("NAME"), Name.create("foo"));
      dtdNode.setAttribute(Name.create("URL"), Name.create("http://foo.domain.xx"));
      // Create the root element
      root = d.createElement(Element.ELEMENT, "foo");
      d.addChild(root, dtdNode);
      // Create a child element
      child = d.createElement(root, Element.ELEMENT, Name.create("bar"), null);
      // Create PCDATA for the child element
      pcdata = d.createElement(child, Element.PCDATA, null, "foobar");
      return (d);

   static public void saveDoc(Document d) throws Exception
      FileOutputStream file = new FileOutputStream("foobar.xml");
      XMLOutputStream xmlFile = d.createOutputStream(file);;

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