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Daniel Veillard Daniel.Veillard at w3.org
Thu Aug 13 18:49:09 BST 1998

Steven Champeon <schampeo at hesketh.com> wrote:
> Linux developers (especially those using RedHat Package Manager, which -
> side note to Tim - is one of the finest pieces of software for configuration
> management I've ever worked with) have something like this already, though
> not markup-language-based, called the Linux Software Map. 
>  http://www.linux.org/apps/lsm.html
>  http://www.ExecPC.com/lsm/

  I guess you should have a look at my RPM RDF database. 

Principle: I mirror apprximately 15000 RPM packages from various distributions
I use a specific tool rpm2html [1] to extract all the metadata from the
packages, it dump them as a set of hyperlinked HTML [2] pages (the link
expressing verious dependencies between packages and distributions). The
same informations are encoded as an RDF database [3].
  I also developped a client side tool rpmfind [4] which uses HTTP to
query the database and select the best packages for the current user setup
(by looking at the local installed software base too !).
  This provide the user a list of packages to download to install a given
software (e.g. to install gimp you may need an exotic graphic library
not available on your system, rpmfind will solve that), then it also query
the database for mirrors and try to find the nearest one, and does the
FTP transfer for you if you want.

  This software is based on (sorry !) my own XML and RDF code [5], currently
the database format is not valid XML but I will upgrade soon (probably within
a week) to something decent (with new namespace encoding). The FTP and
HTTP transfer are done using libWWW [6].

---------- /linux/RDF/redhat/5.1/i386/libc-5.3.12-27.i386.rdf ---------
<?XML version="1.0"?>
<?namespace href="http://www.rpm.org/" AS="RPM"?>
<?namespace href="http://www.w3.org/TR/WD-rdf-syntax#" AS="RDF"?>
  <RDF:Description RDF:HREF="ftp://rufus.w3.org/linux/redhat/redhat-5.1/i386/RedHat/RPMS/libc-5.3.12-27.i386.rpm">
    <RPM:Distribution>Manhattan </RPM:Distribution>
    <RPM:Vendor>Red Hat Software</RPM:Vendor>
    <RPM:Packager>Red Hat Software &lt;bugs at redhat.com&gt;</RPM:Packager>
    <RPM:Summary>Compability libraries for old libc.so.5 applications</RPM:Summary>
    <RPM:Description>Older Linux systems (including all Red Hat Linux releases between 2.0
and 4.2, inclusive) were based on libc 5. This package includes these
libraries and other libraries based on libc 5, allowing old applcications
to run on glibc (libc 6) based systems.</RPM:Description>
    <RPM:Changelog>* Tue May 05 1998 Cristian Gafton &lt;gafton at redhat.com&gt;
  - fixed postuninstall script
* Mon Apr 27 1998 Prospector System &lt;bugs at redhat.com&gt;
  - translations modified for de, fr, tr
* Tue Dec 23 1997 Cristian Gafton &lt;gafton at redhat.com&gt;
  - updated for the vsyslog() security-fixed libc
  - uses a BuildRoot
* Mon Nov 10 1997 Erik Troan &lt;ewt at redhat.com&gt;
  - updated Xpm lib to one built w/ dependency info
  - added svgalib
* Tue Sep 23 1997 Erik Troan &lt;ewt at redhat.com&gt;
  - added ncurses libraries
* Mon Sep 08 1997 Erik Troan &lt;ewt at redhat.com&gt;
  - updated X libraries to 3.1.1
  - added provides of libm.so.5
* Sun Aug 24 1997 Erik Troan &lt;ewt at redhat.com&gt;
  - initial build as compatibility package
    <RPM:BuildDate>Tue May  5 23:54:21 1998</RPM:BuildDate>

  You can grab linux binaries and source at:


  There is now quite a few mirror for the HTML pages and 2 mirrors for
the RDF database,


[1] http://rufus.w3.org/linux/rpm2html/
[2] http://rufus.w3.org/linux/RPM/
[3] http://rufus.w3.org/linux/RDF/
[4] http://rufus.w3.org/linux/rpm2html/rpmfind.html
[5] http://dev.w3.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb [XML,rpmfind,rpm2html]
[6] http://www.w3.org/Library/

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