Python/XML v0.5 released

Andrew M. Kuchling akuchlin at
Mon Dec 7 19:34:37 GMT 1998

Version 0.5 of the Python/XML distribution can be downloaded from

The Python/XML distribution contains the basic tools required for
processing XML data using the Python programming language, assembled
into one easy-to-install package.  The distribution includes parsers
and standard interfaces such as SAX and DOM, along with various other
useful modules.  Version 0.5 can be considered a beta release.

Major changes in this version:
	* The DOM implementation has been extensively modified, and is
now much closer to compliance with the DOM Recommendation.  

	* A Unicode type has been added as the subpackage xml.unicode.wstring. 

	* Various subpackages have been upgraded to their most recent versions.

The package currently contains:

	* XML parsers: Pyexpat (Jack Jansen), xmlproc (Lars Marius
Garshol), (Sjoerd Mullender) using the sgmlop.c accelerator
module (Fredrik Lundh).

	* SAX interface (Lars Marius Garshol)
	* DOM interface (Stefane Fermigier, A.M. Kuchling)
	*, for architectural forms processing (Geir Ove Grønmo)
	* Unicode wide-string module (Martin von Löwis)
	* Various utility modules and functions (various people)
	* Documentation and example programs (various people)

The code is being developed bazaar-style by contributors from the
Python XML Special Interest Group, so please send comments, questions,
or bug reports to <xml-sig at>.

For general information about Python, see:
The Python XML-SIG home page is:

A.M. Kuchling
Problems worthy of attack / prove their worth by hitting back.
    -- Piet Hein

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