Using expat to translate tags..

Tony McDonald tony.mcdonald at
Tue Dec 8 10:37:47 GMT 1998

I'm using expat along with the XML support in PHP 3.0.6 
( to do some machinations on some XML files I have.

What I have is some XML like this...
<p stylename="heading 1" align="center" fontname="Arial" fontsize="72" 
bold="on" charset="256" color="1"><string>&tab;</string><string 
fontname="Arial" fontsize="72" bold="on" charset="256" color="1">MBBS STAGE 
1: &line;</string><string fontname="Arial" fontsize="72" bold="off" 
italic="on" charset="256" color="1">Basic Cell Biology</string></p>

(this was created with rtf2xml from Omnimark)

and want to be able to change the XML so that I get something like;
<heading_1>MBBS STAGE 1 - Basic Cell Biology</heading_1>   (ok, I'll 
*actually* end up replacing heading_1 with H1...)

ie, I want to output a different tag which is dependant on the value of the 
'stylename' attribute.

It seems that although expat will provide the start_element routine with 
information such as the tag and any attribute, the attributes are dropped 
when the end_element routine is called. This seems to make it difficult to 
close the tag properly....

Has anyone any ideas? Am I going about this wrongly?

many thanks,

Dr Tony McDonald,  FMCC, The Medical School, Newcastle University
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