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Shekhar Kshirsager skshirsa at
Wed Dec 23 14:54:58 GMT 1998

Hi Frank,
Your answer solves the problem for a limited domain of IE users on
Windows users  ?
but what about Netscape or any other browsers on any other platform ?
I think these kind of solutions when suggested, author should clearly
indicate that
they are one platform specific solutions. Otherwise it creates lot of
specially on mailing lists.
Shekhar Kshirsagar
Nortel Networks.
> Michael,

> you can do what you want to do very simply by using ASP and the new MS

> msxml.dll. (sent with the latest IE5Beta)together with the DOM.

> just use 'getElementsByTagName' wrap the content in a suitable HTML
> wrapper,and send these to the client as an HTML stream.

> Frank

> Frank Boumphrey

> XML and style sheet info at Http://
> Author: - Professional Style Sheets for HTML and XML
> CoAuthor: Professional XML applications from Wrox Press,
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