problems with emacs xml-mode

Dave Carlson dcarlson at
Sun Feb 1 02:16:05 GMT 1998

At 05:57 PM 1/31/98 -0500, David Megginson wrote:

> > 2.  The DTD is parsed, but all element names are folded into all lower case.
> > Does the current version of xml-mode support mixed-case element names?  If
> > so, what am I doing wrong?
>Are you certain that you're using the latest version of the patches
>(from Fall 1997) and that you're actually in XML rather than SGML
>mode?  Does it read 'XML' or 'SGML' in the mode bar at the bottom?

I'm using the xml-mode that I downloaded from your site in December 1997.
And, yes, it does read 'XML' in the mode bar.  I'll try some additional
testing to see if I can narrow down the problem.  Is there some other test I
can run to be sure I've got the entire xml- mode installed properly?  I had
to do some manual hacking to install on WinNT, maybe I messed up somewhere.

I've never gotten it to work correctly, but sometimes I get the top-level
element names in mixed case, and the content model all folded to lower case.
So, I can add mixed case elements at the top level, but there are no "valid"
sub-elements because the content model has all tags in lower case.  In
another test, everything was lower case.

> > 4.  Font highlighting has some problems.  I've configuring my _emacs file
> > according to earlier posts in this list, but the text  highlighing only
> > appears after I've used the context menu to insert a new tag.  Then, the
> > text is only highlighted from that point *backward* in the document.  When I
> > first load a document, no text is highlighted.
>Again, this is not directly related to the XML patches.  PSGML will
>highlight only the parts of the document that it has already parsed.
>In Unix, at least, it will eventually parse ahead and highlight the
>whole thing.
Yes, it will eventually highlight the entire document, once I've made an
addition to the end of the document.

Thanks for you help, and your contribution!


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