DTD meta data for XML viewers

Trevor Turton trevort at za.ibm.com
Mon Feb 16 11:43:36 GMT 1998

In an earlier note I spoke about the need to associate compose-time meta
data with DTDs to allow XML editors to assist with the process of document
composition.  Another major class of meta data that needs to be associated
with DTDs is information on how the associated XML may be rendered - most
usefully, by identifying programs which can perform the required rendering.
The classic browser renders HTML on computer screens, and also on the
printed page.  The same will be required of XML browsers, and some will
also render XML documents to voice for the visually impaired, to Braille
for the more profoundly impaired, and to other media as new needs and
technologies arise.  Hence we may need to associate a list of rendering
programs with any given DTD, covering the various media types supported

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