JavaScript parser update and Questions

Jeremie Miller jeremie at
Fri Jan 16 00:14:18 GMT 1998

I've just updated my JavaScript parser < >,
and have a few questions...

First, the update.  Unlike normal software aging, I cut the code size by 50%
(below 5k w/o my comments) and increased the speed and compatibility.  It
should work with almost _any_ incarnation of JavaScript.  It now properly
and according to spec for a well-formed parser understands elements,
attributes, the prolog, comments, processing instructions, and CDATA
sections.  What I am working on yet is entities and DOM compatibility(just
have to print out the spec and read it).

My question is this, being a fairly simple parser, how should I handle
entities?  I'm confused by the spec as to how a well-formed parser should
handle them.  Should I parse <!ENTITY definitions in an included DTD, or
simply handle &amp; &lt; &gt; &quot; &apos; ?  If those are all I should
handle, which ones where?  The spec does talk about these things, but I
don't feel right about my interpretation of it.

Other question:  Either I can't find it or I am reading right by it, but how
do I handle whitespace in attribute values as a well-formed parser, just
allow anything, including \n?

Now, after I get these issues resolved and implemented along with DOM
compatibility, I'll be posting the JavaScript XSL Parser that I have been
working on.  It's only a partial implementation, but it gets the job done
for the most part.  Obviously, it will only work in JavaScript + CSS
browsers(IE3/4 & NN4).

Please feel free to try out the parser, download the source and play with
it.  If you know very much JavaScript, it makes working with XML data a real
breeze!  It can also be _very_ useful on the server side for those servers
that do JavaScript(IIS/ASP for instance).


Jeremie Miller
jer at

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