Conformance in XML processors

Paul Prescod papresco at
Mon Jan 19 15:44:06 GMT 1998

David Megginson wrote:
> one of the following two statements must apply:
> 1) they expect that XML documents will not typically include internal
>    cross-references; that they will not include graphics, sound,
>    video, or other non-XML material; and that they will consist of
>    only a single physical file; or
> 2) they believe that ID/IDREF, NDATA entities, notations, and external
>    text entities are overly-complicated SGML relics left in to satisfy
>    a few pedants on the WG, and that XML and XLL provide other, simpler
>    mechanisms with the same functionality.
> Clarification from the WG would be helpful here.

I don't think you can expect a coherent response from a diverse group of
people on a family of features. Also, the former statement is ridiculous
and the latter actually implies that the WG is divided on the issue.

There is a third way to read the situation: the optionality of the
features works to reassure people that XML processing is simple, but the
usefulness of them will encourage users to request them. (idea: one easy
way to encourage vendors to implement them is to depend upon them in
XLL) For instance XLL depends on ID/IDREF.

My personal feeling is:

> external text entities, 

Absolutely vital. Expansion should be expected of all processors.
XML-DEV members should apply pressure on processor vendors to handle
this, despite the laxity of the PR.

> NDATA entities, 

I suspect that the web market will be more amenable to embedded URLs.

> notations, 

MIME/HTTP can handle this.


Others seem to prefer to push this onto the application side. I don't
feel strongly enough about it to argue with them. It is clearly a
semantic restriction and there are various reasons that those are often
better handled on the application side. 

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