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David Megginson ak117 at
Thu Jan 22 13:39:32 GMT 1998

Peter Murray-Rust writes:

 > 	- can SAX be used to work with 'sysin' input? At present (rightly)
 > everything is in terms of or the equivalent SysIDs. However it
 > is possible that we may come across chunks of 'raw' XML being emitted by
 > tools which don't have a URL address, like (UNIX-like):
 > 		ls | ls2xml | mysaxapp
 > (where ls2xml is a fictitious tool that takes the output of ls and emits WF
 > XML and  mysaxapp is an XML application that takes XML and (say) draws a
 > GUI representation of it.

You could do it now in Java by setting up a custom URI protocol, but
that's messy.  This is near the top of my TODO list for the next
couple of weeks, when I have time to return to SAX.

 > 	- is it still possible to process non-SAX events from Lark, AElfred, etc.
 > Does one hack LarkDriver, etc? [This may be trivially obvious when I get
 > that far...]

I'd be interested in suggestions for this one -- it would have to be
enabled on a driver-by-driver basis, and wouldn't be part of the SAX

On the same note, I should add constructors for the drivers that take
an existing instance of an AElfred, MSXML, Lark, or NXP parser.

All the best,


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