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Jason R. Cupp jcupp at
Tue Jan 27 00:37:36 GMT 1998

Ron Daniel Jr. wrote:
> There is no XML encoding that he knows of, but he encouraged me to
> define one. The only constraint is that we don't call it "vCard"
> since that is a trademark they don't want to dilute. He suggested
> calling it something like "vCard-XML". He also suggested that it be
> based on the IETF version of the vCard schema, which offers a couple
> of improvements over the 2.1 spec that is current. After the IETF
> issues the "vCad MIME Directory Profile" as an RFC, IMC is going to
> call it vCard 3.0.
> I took a quick look at the Internet draft he was talking about,
> an XML version of that info does not look too hard.

I'm new to DTDs (markup seems to always come first), but how does this
look for a VERY basic start? I used the vCard specification and the FGDC
(Federal Geographic Data Committee "") metadata
standard as a model. If there are more than two people willing to pitch
in, I'd be willing to host a web-page to keep everyone up-to-date.

<!DOCTYPE Xcard [
	<!ELEMENT Xcard (identity,contact) >
        <!ELEMENT identity (person-primary | organization-primary)>
	<!ELEMENT person-primary (person,organization?)>
	<!ELEMENT organization-primary (organization,person*)>

	<!ELEMENT person (name,title?)>
	<!ELEMENT organization (org-name,unit?)>

	<!ELEMENT name (#PCDATA,firstname,surname,other?,suffix?,prefix?)>
	<!ELEMENT title (#PCDATA)>

	<!ELEMENT org-name (#PCDATA)>
	<!ELEMENT unit (#PCDATA)>

	<!ELEMENT firstname (#PCDATA)>
	<!ELEMENT surname (#PCDATA)>
	<!ELEMENT other (#PCDATA)>
	<!ELEMENT suffix (#PCDATA)>
	<!ELEMENT prefix (#PCDATA)>

	<!ELEMENT contact (tel-info*,email-info*)>
	<!ELEMENT tel-info (telephone+)>
	<!ELEMENT email-info (email-type?,email-address)+>

	<!ELEMENT telephone #PCDATA>
	<!ATTLIST telephone type (PREF | WORK | HOME | VOICE | FAX | MSG | CELL

	<!ELEMENT email-type (#PCDATA)>
	<!ELEMENT email-address (#PCDATA)>

Jason R. Cupp (jcupp at
Deasy GeoGraphics
The Pennsylvania State University

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