Returning XML data streams from server

Amit Rekhi amitr at
Thu Jul 9 15:28:58 BST 1998

        How do I pass an XML stream to an XSL processor  DIRECTLY?
        Currently, I am using the MSXSL (ActiveX control embedded in a web page) as my XSL processor.

       <OBJECT ID="XSLControl" CLASSID="CLSID:2BD0D2F2-52EC-11D1-8C69-0E16BC000000"
        height="100" width="100">
         <PARAM NAME="documentURL" VALUE="c:\web_temp\integrate\MyXMLDSO.xml">
        <PARAM NAME="styleURL" VALUE="MyXMLDSO.xsl">

I am using the MS shipped XMLDSO applet as a validating XML parser using :-

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