Publishing on XML-DEV (was Re: XCatalog proposal draft 0.1 [From Murray Altheim])

Peter Murray-Rust peter at
Sat Jul 25 21:29:13 BST 1998

At 14:39 25/07/98, [Murray Altheim] wrote:
>>> I propose something one week, rough consensus emerges the next
>>> week, and working code a week or two later: such is the Internet
>>> freeware development community.  Peace, it's wonderful!
>>John, this is no criticism of the proposal itself, but 'rough consensus'
>>requires that you have participation. Because this mailing list is not
>>part of any recognized standards activity, there is no procedural method 
>>for creating standards, nor is there any obligation for either comment 
>>or recognition of anything that occurs on this list from its participants.

Over the last few days I have been thinking about whether there should be a
mechanism for the formal 'publishing' ideas and implementations from
XML-DEV. There should be an element of peer-review - either by individuals,
learned orgs or by 'open acclamation'. In my view, one of the most obvious
forms of approval is that specs, papers, code, etc. are actually used - SAX
falls into this category. It would, of course, be possible to use existing
organs (anything from W3 to IETF drafts to CompSci journals) but Henry and
I are keen on developing new forms of publishing. 

[In our own field (molecular and biological software) there are few good
places for the rapid publication of widely used molecular software or
specifications. Most publication tends to be considerably 'after the event'
and is often not for informing people but to create a formal record -
usually for 'academic currency'.]

Ideas welcome.


[wrt. Murray's comments on XCatalogs] I would support the idea of an IETF
draft in this instance. (Henry and I have been through this procedure :-).
In general, I'd suggest that there was an initial suggestion - possibly a
draft - on XML-DEV and that from that an IETF draft emerged. Although
XML-DEV has no formal standing with IETF (or anyone else) I think that the
ability to point to hypermailed discussion would show that the draft had
potential value and had been worked over.

Peter Murray-Rust, Director Virtual School of Molecular Sciences, domestic
net connection
VSMS, Virtual Hyperglossary

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