How do browsers (IE4.01) trap XML streams coming from server?

Amit Rekhi amitr at
Fri Jul 31 15:20:49 BST 1998

    Hi! Graham,

                        Thanks for your code, it really helped.But there a
few things I could not understand.

>so it will generate something like
>onClick="top.XSLControl.documentURL = anotherASP.asp"

                    I really could not understand the point you were trying
to make here.

>Alternatively you could use the XSLControl on the server, mangle the
>generated XML with the appropriate style sheet and just send the resulting
>HTML to the browser from the ASP.

                But, following the lines of HTML where the HTML streams are
processed on the client end, should not the same also be the case for XML
streams and their associated XSL files.
                By allowing this processing on the server side will not we
shifting processing focus from where it traditionally is?(on the client
side)Will it right do to so?



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