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At 12:13 PM 6/5/98 +0200, Andrea Anders wrote:

>can anyone tell me (in simple words) what DOM is? 

The DOM is a programming API for XML and HTML documents. 

>Is there only a relation to XML or also to HTML/SGML. 

It doesn't include support for SGML, only for XML and HTML.

>I've read a
>publication on WWW about XML-architecture. It ment the architecture
>consists of XML, XLL, XSL and DOM. Is this correct? How does DOM works
>together with XML, XLL and XSL? And is DOM a really new "thing"?

The DOM can be used to create, navigate, and modify XML documents. As an
API, it should be useful as a way to implement XSL or XLL. Is it new? Well,
it has roots in many older things, but yes, it is new.

I'm enclosing a general introduction to the DOM which may answer your

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