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(These answers are from Tommie Usdin and Michael Sperberg-McQueen, the
journals editors, merely delivered by me --dal)

Peter wote:
>It is very important that *ML is realised as a worthy academic
>discipline. And, that the J sets high standards.

That is our intent, and we intend to rely heavily on Peer Review to help
create the high standards we all feel we need.

>Does the J consider:
>	- papers in XML. If so, how are they processed?

Markup Languages is requesting papers in the ancient and honorable parent
of XML, SGML.  In fact, since there is nothing in our SGML that is not XML,
we could say that we are accepting papers in valid XML.  Papers will be
peer reviewed in SGML and will be typeset from the SGML.

We have no specific archival plans at this time, but it is our intent to
maintain an archive of all material in Markup Languages in SGML, including
internal hyperlinks, so that it will be practical to make high-quality
electronic publications based on this material.

>[what about] e-only publications (i.e. interactive papers which cannot be
>rendered on cellulose?

It is our intent that all papers will have a print component, and that this
print component will be published on squashed trees.  The journal does
maintain a web site ( for supplementary materials, which may
include portions of papers which could not be rendered on cellulose.
(Surely even the most interactive paper can have a static introduction, a
description of the process by which it was created or the point of the
exercise, and some conclusions or lessons learned that could be printed.)

>[what about] - dynamic papers (e.g. with revisions, annotations, distributed
>authorship, etc.)

The web site for supplementary materials will be an excellent place to post
revisions and annotations.  (I can't speak to "distributed authorship"
because there are so many things that I imagine it could mean.  I suggest
that if you are interested in such a publication you talk to the Editors.)

>Anyway - I'd be interested in hearing ideas from the editoriat. I
>think  - within reason - there could be some useful discussion here about
>e-publication and XML.

The editors of Markup Languages welcome any discussion and are interested
in any and all ideas.  We would, however, like to remind people that we are
working within the constraints of the "journal publishing establishment".
The good news is that this probably helps create credibility for the
journal; the bad news is that Markup Languages is not currently set up to
be a vehicle for radical experimentation.

--  B. Tommie Usdin <btusdin at>
and C. Michael Sperberg McQueen <cmsmcq at>

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