Relational Tables and structured document

Sudarshan Purohit sudar at
Tue Mar 24 04:21:12 GMT 1998

G. David Kuhlman wrote:
>Or am I missing a step in this process?  Are we assuming that the

> XML file has been sucked into an OODBMS such as one for which there
> are ODMG language bindings?  I think this would be very powerful.
> However, it is no longer XML, is it?  Or is the goal to store the
> data in a RDBMS or OODBMS and then export it to XML so we can send
> it across the wire and around the Web?
> I guess I am asking whether there is a model this kind of use of
> XML as a database.

<standard  disclaimer used by beginners />

I've been working on something like this. My project involves translation of RDBMS
data into an XML file (with database info stored as an XML-Data schema) and
vice-versa. XML-Data, I feel, does a reasonable job of storing key, referential,
etc. info.
    What I'd like to add to David's query is : How close does this sort of usage
come to the basis of a standard for his interface? Is anyone out there doing
something similar?
    What I need right now is a standardised model for translating the entity-level
data concepts expressible through XML-Data into ground realities of tables/etc. in
RDBMS terms. I could hack it, but if there is some such work being done already,
that would help.

Thanks in advance,

Sudarshan                             24th mar 98
PSPL,Pune                            0950hrs.

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