Parents and children (was RFD: comp.text.xml)

Simon St.Laurent SimonStL at
Sun May 3 23:08:54 BST 1998

>XML is an SGML
>subset. That's a verifable, mathematical fact. As far as I can tell, Simon
>St. Laurent has no concrete proposal for how to change that fact and I
>can't think of any reasonable ones off of the top of my head.

Great.  I haven't actually suggested that anyone start throwing spare parts 
into XML for the sake of breaking SGML compliance.  Nor have I suggested that 
the W3C should declare its independence of the ISO, like there's actually a 
tie there.  What I have suggested is that the SGML community stop mixing SGML 
and XML like they are identical practices. They aren't.

Note that XML-L isn't a subset of HyTime, XSL isn't a subset of DSSL, and 
XPointers don't fit TEI precisely either.  This could change, but I think a 
lot of people would be disappointed.

XML practice and the XML spec itself appear to be two different things; the 
child is in fact diverging from the ways of the parent.  If the parent chooses 
not to acknowledge that, fine.  It's early in the child's development, after 

As Paul went on to say,
>Nevertheless, XML practice is often quite different from SGML practice and
>there are many questions that apply only to one or the other (especially
>tools questions). That seems justification enough for separate newsgroups.
>Where concerns overlap, there is cross posting.

Here we seem to be saying the same thing.  That, to me, suggests the end of an 

Simon St.Laurent
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