SAX 1.0 : handleData and processingInstruction

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at
Mon May 18 17:42:00 BST 1998

* Philippe Le Hégaret
| charecters takes an array of characters for the data :
|   public abstract void characters(char ch[],
|                                   int start,
|                                   int length) throws SAXException
|   processingInstruction takes a String for the data :
|   public abstract void processingInstruction(String target,
|                                              String data) throws SAXException
|   Why is there this difference in SAX ?

I wasn't "present" when this decision was made, but I'd guess
characters is the way it is because this way is faster in most
implementations, since most parsers keep a character buffer during
parsing and this avoids unecessary buffer copying. 

However, doing it this way is obviously less convenient for the user,
who would prefer to just get a String and be done with it. I guess
this is why the current form of processingInstruction was chosen,
since processing instructions rarely occur often in documents and thus
performance is less of an issue.

See also:


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