Attribute value normalization

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at
Wed May 27 15:30:05 BST 1998

* Murata Makoto
| Good to hear that.  What happens if the keyword NMTOKENS is replaced
| with CDATA?

* Richard Tobin
| RXP and LT-XML produce (in canonical XML - I should have thought of
| that last time):
| [canonical XML snipped]

xmlproc and XP produce the exact same output.
| Expat agrees.

Case seems closed, then, with five XML parsers in agreement, although
I'm still not sure the treatment of the second a attribute is
correct. The phrase

    "only a single #x20 is appended for a "#xD#xA" sequence that is
    part of [...] the literal entity value of an internal parsed

in the spec seems to imply that the second element with the attribute
should be 

<test a="  test  test  ">

in canonical form rather than the

<test a="    test    test    ">

produced by the parsers.

Is this a (highly understandable) bug or is it correct?

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