How will XML processors pass notation name, identifiers to applications?

Amit Rekhi amitr at
Mon Nov 16 16:29:50 GMT 1998

            After having read about NOTATIONS in XML from the spec. 
I had a ques. :-

 I have a sample xml file :-

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<!DOCTYPE start-ele [
   <!NOTATION MyFormat SYSTEM "">
   <!ENTITY MyEnt SYSTEM "MyFormatData.ent" NDATA MyFormat>
   <!ELEMENT start-ele EMPTY>
   <!ATTLIST attr-for-notation ENTITY #REQUIRED>
<start-ele attr-for-notation=MyEnt />

When a validating xml processor will start processing the above, it is 
supposed to pass

1) Notation Name (MyFormat in above case)
2) Notation System Identifier (
3) Entity Name (MyEnt in the above case)
4) Entity System Identifier (MyFormatData.ent)

to the application (on behalf of which the xml processor is validating).

- How will the application know which are the elements for which
 the Notation name, Notation System ID,Entity Name,Entity System ID 
are to be taken from the XML processor?

- How will the XML processor pass the above 4 to the application?

Thanks in advance,

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