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Michael Kay M.H.Kay at
Wed Nov 18 10:10:48 GMT 1998

>> There are other version control nasties lurking in the "helper" classes.
>> example SUN's distribution includes a modified version of ParserFactory,
>That is, a configuration error is transparently recovered from.
In SUN's position I think I might well have done the same thing, as it
clearly makes their product easier to install and get working. However, as a
user, I don't find it very useful to have several identically-named
ParserFactory classes on my class path, and to worry about which one has
been loaded! SUN circumvented a deficiency in SAX, and we ought to fix it at

The ParserFactory in SAX plays the same role as the Driver Manager in ODBC;
we can't have every driver come with its own driver manager, we must have a
single driver manager which is rich enough in capability to configure any
drivers you might want to install.

In my view a good ParserFactory will have a user interface allowing you to
install a parser and specify your choice of default; it will have persistent
storage to remember what parsers are installed and which one is the current
default; and it will have an API allowing you to discover which parsers are
installed, to ask questions about them, and to select one that meets your
requirements (using a friendly name chosen when it was installed). In turn
each Parser needs to come with installation-time code that registers the
parser with the ParserFactory, giving the user the option to make it the
default one.

(All this applies equally, of course, to DOM implementations).

I tried to meet some of these requirements with the ParserManager in SAXON.
It's not ideal: the user interface is to edit a properties file; the process
of registering a new parser is entirely manual; it doesn't allow you to
register attributes, e.g. which parsers are validating and which aren't. But
I think it's a start, and I've certainly found it useful in my own work.

Mike Kay

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