It's time for practical XML!

Simeon Simeonov simeons at
Sun Oct 4 01:22:03 BST 1998

>XML does not need a killer app. It is
>not a solution unto itself. It is a
>handy tool for doing real-world work.

... and ...

>To them I say: Please, please, stop writing new
>specs, and help us all by writing real apps.

I'm sorry to point people on this list to the same technology again in less
than a week. Nevertheless, do check the Web Distributed Data Exchange (WDDX)
technology out. It is free, it works right now, and it can be used to solve
a broad range of problems that real-world web and non-web applications have
to deal with.

WDDX uses an XML 1.0 representation of data structures. It hides the details
of XML processing on purpose. This is important because it gives WDDX the
flexibility to leverage new XML standards as they become accepted and tool
support for them becomes available. That's our way to solve the problem of
the rapidly changing XML landscape w/o delaying the ship of useful

The main WDDX site is at . The
following article about WDDX made it to the cover page of this week's

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