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John E. Simpson simpson at
Mon Sep 7 20:16:39 BST 1998

Hi Nigel. Don't be worried about being a newbie -- nearly everyone is yet,
at some level. :)

At 06:41 PM 9/7/98 +0100, Nigel Byrnes wrote:
>... I type it into a text editor and parse it with MSXML only to
>receive the following error message:
>C:\msxml>jview msxml -d1 me\simple.xml
>Root element name must match the DOCTYPE name
>Location: file:/C:/msxml/me/simple.xml(10,2)
>Context: <null>
>... the error occurs at the
>second character in the <DOCUMENT> element. The error message is
>telling me that the root element name must match the DOCTYPE
>name ["simple"]. However, i haven't being able to solve this
><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
><!DOCTYPE simple [
>  secLevel (unclassified|classified)
><!ENTITY Description "this is a very simple sample document.">
><DOCUMENT trackNum="1234">This is an entity inside an element:

This should be pretty, er, simple. Your DOCTYPE declaration says that the
root element of your document is the <simple> element. However, the actual
document (which follows the close of the internal DTD, that is, the line
containing the ]> characters) contains as its root an element called
<DOCUMENT>. Either change the DTD so that the root element is DOCUMENT
(<!DOCTYPE DOCUMENT...) , or change the actual root of the document to
<simple>. Remember to keep the capitalization consistent, as (for example)
an element called <DOCUMENT> is *not* the same as one called <document>. 

Then you should be all set.

John E. Simpson
simpson at
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