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Tue Sep 8 18:20:28 BST 1998

  Let's say I'm describing the hiearchy of our web site in an XML document

         <page title="Section 1" url="1.html">
                  <page title="Page 1.1" url="1.1.html"/>
               <page title="Page 1.2" url="1.2.html"/>
  <page title="Section 2" url="2.html">
                  <page title="Page 2.1" url="2.1.html"/>
               <page title="Page 2.2" url="2.2.html"/>
  <page title="Section 3" url="3.html">
                  <page title="Page 3.1" url="3.1.html"/>

  In a given section, the user has links to all the other pages in that
as well as top-level links to the other sections. In other words, I only want
to "expand" the section that the user is currently in.

  An XML document that's a part of this hiearchy has some tag that says where
it fits in. Maye 1.1.xml will have <page title="Page 1.1"/> or something...
(e.g. <document-root>&entity-that-expands-to-site-map;<page title="Page

  In the XSL proposal, I'd have a field day writing a nifty Java Script
function to do exactly this... in the new world, I'm not sure it can be
done at

  The crux of the problem is that I don't know how to make the <xsl:if
test="..."> compare the contents or attribute values of one tag to the content
or attribute values of another tag. It appears as though the only thing you
do is with the test attribute is test the position of a tag relative to other
tags and what attributes it has.

  I'd like to do something like this...

1: <xsl:for-each select="site-map/page">
2:    <A HREF="{attribute(url)}">
3:        <xsl:value-of expr="attribute(title)"/>
4:    </A>
5:    <xsl:if test=".[attribute(title)]='value of page title for this
6:              <xsl:for-each select="page">
.                          <A HREF="{attribute(url)}">
.                           <xsl:value-of expr="attribute(title)"/>
.                        </A>

  Obviously, line 5 needs some work. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on
how to reach the goal of spitting out something like the table below, I would
be very grateful...

<A HREF="1.html">Section 1</A>
<A HREF=2.html">Section 2</A>
     <A HREF=2.1.html">Page 2.1</A>
       <A HREF=2.2.html">Page 2.2</A>
<A HREF="3.html">Section 3</A>

-- Andrew

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