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Dean Roddey droddey at
Sun Sep 20 21:39:31 BST 1998

Hi folks, I'm posting here (as my fully civilian self, just in case anyone
recognizes the name, since I have to be very careful here to keep the twain
separate and whatnot) to invite anyone who is interested in taking a look at
my C++ class libraries as the foundation for an XML parser in C++.

I probably won't have time to do one myself, and doing one would get me into
possibly sticky issues considering what I do for money and for whom I do it,
but my class libraries would be an awesome foundation to base one on. So
anyone who would like to do a freeware or shareware XML processor in C++ and
wants a powerful and modern class framework to build it on, please contact
me and lets talk about it. I can certainly offer plenty of advice though I
can't contribute to it directly myself and can't give you any insider
information ect...

The current release you'll find on my web site is NT and VC++ only, but the
next version (which I'm wrapping up now) will take it from 'easily portable'
to being able to easily support multiple platforms simultaneously. The
reference version I release for this next version will still be for NT only,
since getting all the other new goodies out there for existing customers is
important. But as soon as I get that out, I'll follow up quickly with a
Win98 version. And, as soon as Visual Age C++ 4.0 comes out for OS/2, I'll
have an OS/2 version out (actually it started its life on OS/2 many moons

Ports to things like Linux I'll leave to others since I have no experience
in Unixy world, but the point is that your work will be very portable and
you won't be painting yourself into a corner or anything (though NT/VC++ is
a pretty big corner by itself :-)

CIDLib has all of the goodies you'd need. The only significant issues I can
think of are that the text streams only support ASCII/Unicode right now.
I'll definitely put UTF-8 on the next release wish list. Also there is no
URL class right now, so that goes on the wish list for the next release too.
But everything else you need for extremely serious development is there
(there will be about 300 back end oriented classes in the upcoming release.)

See my home page below for details (though you'll be seeing the old version
there.) The major (publically visible) changes since that posting are TCP/IP
support, regular expression engine, and MD5 support in the encryption
frameworks (DOM-Hash support maybe?).

So let me know if you are interested. Since I'm interested in getting
serious development going on CIDLib now, I want to find a couple of folks to
do serious non-commercial projects. In return for being my early adopters,
you'll get plenty of support and no licensing charges. Note that this next
release is going to be 1.0, but its been in progress for almost 7 years now
and had 6 beta releases and been ported once already, so its very mature and
well developed. Full source code is also available for free upon
registration, but of course you blessed folks will get that too of course.

If you find it the greatest thing since sliced bread and want to go
commercial, that's fine too though at that point you'd definitely come under
the licensing agreements (though they will be quite reasonable.)

Sorry if this sounded too much like an ad for this mailing list, but I want
to encourage someone to accept the challenge, and it really is just an
incredibly well designed, consistently architectured, powerful product. And
a server side XML parser engine is exactly the kind of thing that it would
be extremely well targeted towards. It does have GUI classes, but they are
only experimental right now. Its primarily back end oriented right now,
though of course it could be behind the scenes on the client side as well.


Dean Roddey
The CIDLib Class Libraries
Charmed Quark Software
droddey at

"100% Substance Free. Less Content, more cost. Just the way you like it"

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