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you might be interested in these two references:

- Dave Winer describes how a remote procedure call (rpc) can be realised by
encoding the call (method, parameters, ...) in an XML message (document)
that is transferred via http. See

- The Open Hypermedia Systems Working Group (OHSWG) addresses a similar
problem as you described by specifying interfaces for different domains of
hypermedia and communicating them as XML documents (the documents are
transfered over TCP/IP using a similar mechanism as HTTP). For testing
purposes also a communication using Java's RMI has been realised. See and for further details.


At 12:25 22/09/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I know only little bit about XML.  I like to know whether a CORBA operation
>can be expressed in XML document type definition?  
>For example if the IDL has something like
>interface z
>	typedef sequence<String, 5>  t1;
>	void x(in int p1,  in t1 p2);
>and I want to store the parameters for the operation in a file.
>I like to have a XML data file like
>If there is no maximum limit for the type t1 then no. of elements in the
>sequence might vary.
>For this file is it possible to write DTD.  (I will read about DTD and find. 
>Before that any expert comment will be helpful)
>If it is possible then is it possible to write XSL for getting values from
>user.  (no. of elements in the sequence might vary at runtime).
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