Corba data -> XML

John Cowan cowan at
Wed Sep 23 17:24:53 BST 1998

Thillai wrote:

> I know only little bit about XML.  I like to know whether a CORBA operation
> can be expressed in XML document type definition?

You got lots of answers to the question "How to do Corba-style stuff
by exchanging XML documents", but that isn't really what you asked.

> For example if the IDL has something like
> interface z
> {
>         typedef sequence<String, 5>  t1;
>         void x(in int p1,  in t1 p2);
> }
> and I want to store the parameters for the operation in a file.
> I like to have a XML data file like
> <interface>
> z
> <operation>
> x
> <inparameter>
> <param>
> p1
> <value>10</value>
> </param>
> <param>
> p2
> <value><nelems>5</nelems><0>abc</0><1>efg</1><2>hij</2><3>
> klm</3><4>nop</4></value>
> </param>
> </inparameter>
> </operation>
> </interface>
> If there is no maximum limit for the type t1 then no. of elements in the
> sequence might vary.

The tags <0>, <1> etc. are not valid XML, because an element name can't
be numeric.  You could use _0, _1, etc. but really all you need is
just "<value><component>abc</component><component>efg</component> ...",
with no need to specify an explicit count (XML processors are expected
to be able to count things).

> For this file is it possible to write DTD.  (I will read about DTD and find.
> Before that any expert comment will be helpful)

Yes, no problem.
> If it is possible then is it possible to write XSL for getting values from the
> user.  (no. of elements in the sequence might vary at runtime).

I don't really see how.  XSL is for styling XML for display.

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