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At 08:21 26/09/98 +0100, Rzepa, Henry wrote:
>Forwarded from From: David Brownell <db at Eng.Sun.COM>

Thanks very much David - haven't yet had time to look at the classes. Some
simple comments on your comments:

>>One thing that comes from subclassing is the ability to modify
>>the tree construction dynamically.  You can optimize in-memory
>>representations easily -- e.g. removing ignorable whitespace and
>>things like redundant representations of data (cutting memory
>>use by quite a bit!).  Also, anyone who's really manipulating
>>text will need more than DOM should even think of supporting.

I certainly find this an important point. Some objects (like HTML/IBTWSH)
can contain a large number of nodes. Tree-building (using seems expensive when there
are lots of nodes and I now find myself writing subclasses to manage these.
For example is subclassed from DMTN and will hold
the HTML element as a serialised String. When it needs display it can be

>>I think it'd be generally true that the semantic model that
>>is used by an application would not always conform to the XML
>>structure, exposed by DOM.  An example we've used is that of
>>a 3D spreadsheet.  The internal representation will need to be
>>highly optimized for most things; tables will be either dense
>>or sparse arrays, with "slice" operations, for starters.  It
>>could be fine to have such an optimized object "boxed" inside
>>a DOM document, minimizing the need for document-specific
>>navigation APIs and maximizing code reuse.  No need to have an
>>XML-oriented representation of that core data also lingering
>>around -- that's needed for externalization, period.

Agreed. And for this sort of thing (e.g. Molecules) I pack the XML event
stream into a more suitable representation. It means that for these type of
classes I use a set of routines such as:
	processXML()	- called in SAX to pack (and verify) elements
	processEventStream()	- outputs the internal representation as an XML
stream (variations such as prettyprinting, whitespace, etc. can be controlled)
	getDisplayComponent()	- returns an editable JComponent

It would be great if we could standardise on the API for this sort of
thing. Then element-oriented programming could become really attractive.
The domain-specific classes could use a standard core facility.


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