XML and Objects

Arnold, Curt Curt.Arnold at hyprotech.com
Mon Sep 28 20:26:07 BST 1998

At 06:40 AM 9/28/98, Peter Murray-Rust wrote:
>At 20:47 27/09/98 -0700, Gregory M. Messner wrote:
>>2) We desire to provide an API on the client side which exposes a
>>mechanism for creating and modifying objects. 
>I think a number of people on XML-DEV have a very similar requirement:
>Coins approach, the SUN early release of XML, XXX (Steve Withall) and
>JUMBO. We all want object functionality client-side. The balance
>client and server may differ, but we need an element-object API.

Tim Bray wrote:
>This can/should be built on top of the DOM, right?  -Tim

If on top of the DOM you mean that you would would completely populate
the DOM, then build the corresponding objects, then I would tend to
disagree.  I have had good luck and performance restoring objects from a
large (>2MB) XML file responding to events from Expat.  If I first built
an in-memory representation and then processed the information, I don't
think that I could get nearly the same performance.  I would think an
object creation and link resolution layer on top of SAX would be

p.s. I've downloaded the Sun XML Early Access, but I can only find
passing references to XML Beans.  Is there a specific document and/or
source file that clarify what they mean by XML Beans.  The two
alternative interpretation of the term that I have contemplated are:

1. Java Beans that modify the behavior of the parser
2. A serialization mechanism for Java Beans
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