Repesention of table in an XML-DTD

Amit Rekhi amitr at
Wed Sep 30 05:11:03 BST 1998

(Sorry, for having reposted this ques but the first version was displayed
incomplete on the XML - DEV list.)

            I was wondering what would be the best way to be repesenting a
large table (with 500+ entries) in an external subset of an XML file's  DTD
and selecting a row of the table in the XML file's internal DTD subset.


            I have a table say TABLE CODE with 2 columns (Code Identifier
and Code Description) :-

                        (There are around 500-700 entries in this table)

            I have a requirement wherein :-

1)  I want to represent this large table above in an XML - DTD (preferbably
in the DTD's external subset since this table is to be accessed by many XML

2) I have a set of XML files (say 10 XML files) whose external subsets point
to the file containing this table. Now in each of the XML files of the set,
I want to select a row of the table, in their internal subsets  i.e.

// table.dtd

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