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Éric Riblair eriblair at
Tue Apr 20 20:35:18 BST 1999


I had utilized MSXML in my application without problems until upgrade for IE5 and the latest version of his virtual machine ... I had read that the MSXML is now integrate in the VM ... but when I'd try to load my files ... I have the error (... is not an object !!!)

The definition of the objects look like:
<applet code="" width="0" height="0" id="xmldso5" mayscript="true">
   <param NAME="url" VALUE="xml/PathogenicOrganisms.xml">

How can I resolve the problem ...

OK ... I'd just solve a part of the problem ... I'd uninstall the old version of MSXML ... and now ... I had no error ralative to the objects but IE just tell me "error on the page" ... but do nothing else

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