Question regarding XML for EDI

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Mon Aug 30 17:29:50 BST 1999


        I am actually developing a computerised online payment system ( something like GIRO). In my system, I allow customer to pay their bills ( for example Insurance bill, water bill, electricity bill and etc) through GIRO. Therefore, I need to read from the database of all the service providers and the data they provided are in different format. Therefore, what I get from my research is that I can use EDI to format all the data from different service providers. I choose XML as a language for developing EDI.

        But, I will be using Visual Basic to write my application with embedded SQL statement. So, how can I integrate XML into my system. I heard that XML can only be integrated with JAVA. Is that really so? 

        Thank you for your precious information. I really hope that someone can actually answer my question. Thank YOU.

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