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Dave Winer dave at
Fri Dec 17 18:48:28 GMT 1999

We've found another pragmatic use for XML.

On our Weblog Monitor site we allow people who have registered sites to specify how they'd like the sites to be categorized. This results in a hierarchy of categories and nodes. This hierarchy is browsable thru the web, and it's also mirrored in XML. The XML file is here:

You can browse the structure thru HTML here:

If you register a weblog, you enter the Categories string on your Prefs page:

The levels are slash-delimited, you can specify as many paths as you want, they're comma-separated. 

Here's the categories string I entered for Scripting News:


The structure evolves in real-time, if a member changes his or her listing so that a category is emptied, it's no longer in the structure.

A Frontier script that reads the XML into an outline.$64

A screen shot of the outline:

Dave Winer

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