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Can someone explain that  why does SAX have two call back functions one for Tag Name  (startElement ) and one for the tag Value ( Characters ) Instead, why not have one function that calls back the processing application with a name value pair. ( for elements as well as attributes )

This makes it easier to process the data as u get the name of the tag and it's value in one shot.

Currently , when my application encounters a tagname it would be interested in, it sets a global Boolean flag to true so that when the call back happens on the Characters function the value is stored in a variable and not ignored.

The parser could throw a name value pair for both the elements as well as the attributes , since my application just needs the data and it would not be concerned whether the name value pair is from an element or an attribute.

Can I modify the source code of any parser that would give me name value pairs in one call back function rather than two ? How complicated would that be ?

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