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Tue Dec 21 19:58:26 GMT 1999

I use the sx parser and it generates error like this :
"E:\Test3\sx.exe:D:\IBBL\uit1227.sgm:32:57:W: reference to internal SDATA
entity "eacute" not allowed in XML"
Uit1227.sgml contains :
 ingeval van knelpunten MWFO adviseren om één

As I know é is a convention for writing special mark/punctuation.
In my catalog file for parser, I have already declared the necessary entity
for special mark like &eacute :

PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Russian Cyrillic//EN"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Non-Russian Cyrillic//EN"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 1//EN" "entities/iso-lat1.gml"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 1//EN" "entities/iso-lat1.gml"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 2//EN" "entities/iso-lat2.gml"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 2//EN" "entities/iso-lat2.gml"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Greek Letters//EN" "entities/iso-grk1.gml"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Greek Letters//EN" "entities/iso-grk1.gml"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Monotoniko Greek//EN"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Monotoniko Greek//EN"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Greek Symbols//EN" "entities/iso-grk3.gml"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Greek Symbols//EN" "entities/iso-grk3.gml"
PUBLIC "ISO 9573-13:1991//ENTITIES Greek Symbols file://EN"
PUBLIC "ISO 9573-13:1991//ENTITIES Greek Symbols//EN" "entities/isogrk3.pen"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Alternative Greek Symbols//EN"
PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Alternative Greek Symbols//EN"
PUBLIC "ISO 9573-13:1991//ENTITIES Alternative Greek Symbols file://EN"
PUBLIC "ISO 9573-13:1991//ENTITIES Alternative Greek Symbols//EN"


But the result : Uit1227.xml also contains &eacute without being able to
convert it to format that can be read by XML / IE 5.0:
ingeval van knelpunten MWFO adviseren om één

Does I miss a character entity for &eacute, &oacute, &euml....etc ?

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